Mobina Galore
Vocally aggressive power chord punk duo from Winnipeg, Canada. 'Don’t Worry', now available on New Damage Records and Gunner Records (EU), continues the band’s signature of crafting unapologetically heavy and wildly dynamic songs.
Ryland Moranz
Ryland Moranz has come into his own in these strange times. An intimate and powerful songwriter, Ryland has stepped into the great beyond; empathetically exploring his own stories and those of others. His newest album, “XO, 1945.” takes a passionate look at the world we live in and the people who inhabit it.
Bend Sinister
Labeled as anything from Math to Prog, and even Pop; but most comfortable in the plain guise of Rock N' Roll. Vancouver based Bend Sinister have evolved through numerous styles and absorbed a plethora of influences to become a band so refreshingly original that the struggle to categorize them is a losing battle.
Apollo Suns
Winnipeg based Apollo Suns play instrumental music.Taking elements from all forms of music. Nothing is off limits to help bring you an experience you will not soon forget.
Dan Moxon
Dan Moxon is a singer & performing pianist originally from Kelowna BC who resides in Vancouver. He is best known as the frontman for the band Bend Sinister, who've released 9 albums and toured relentlessly all over Europe/North America. Dan's debut solo album 'Lounge Singer' was released in October 2019.
Broken Brothers
After a four-year hiatus, Broken Down Suitcase reunited in 2018 as Broken Brothers with Canadian and European tours. Eric Larocque and Benjamin Caldwell are back and ready to take Broken Brothers through the galaxy of alternative country music, telling stories through a cosmic american sound.
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The Wild Romantics
Ben Rogers
Rolla Olak
Folk Road Show
Jeremy Grey
Cobra Ramone
Mindil Beach
JP Maurice
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