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Todd Menzies ~ Owner/Operator

Todd Menzies is a Golden based multi-faceted music manager and promoter. Menzies is a paramount member of the Canadian music industry and has been a significant impact on his various clients. He is a self-made and taught professional with a strong history of being a musician himself. The man lives and breathes music, it is apparent that he has an affinity for the craft in everything he does. He started his own management company titled Menzies Music Productions in 2011. His roster is stacked with a generous group of diverse artists. His clients include the talented Winnipeg punk duo Mobina Galore, profound Americana singer-songwriter Ryland Moranz and vibrant party band Bend Sinister. He goes on the road with many of his clients which is a testament to his commitment to the endurance of their craft. He is also highly involved in the independent and locally beloved concert promotion company Timbre Concerts. Timbre organizes the most exciting, innovative and culturally significant concerts in Vancouver and has sustained integrity since 1981.

People like Todd are absolutely essential in the ongoing battle to support the Canadian music industry including all of its independent artists and venues. In addition to these accolades, Menzies also started the highly successful Golden Sound Festival in 2013. The non-profit festival always has a diverse lineup and is held in the beautiful mountain town of Golden, B.C. 

Menzies is a true blue advocate for real musicians making real money. His own relationship with music has only strengthened his understanding for both the bliss and struggle that derive from being an artist. We need more people like Todd in the music industry, now more than ever.

Contact Todd at                       Photo by: Sierra Lundy


Stephanie Gerich ~ A&R Manager

Stephanie Gerich was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Following high school graduation, she enrolled in a part time sound engineering course at Mid Ocean Media School of Recording Arts. 

In the spring of 2011, Stephanie relocated to Vancouver, BC and began working with two music venues; Electric Owl Social Club and The Rickshaw Theatre.

Further opportunities lead Stephanie to becoming an Artist Liaison for Olio Festival (a five day multi disciplinary arts festival which took place in venues across the city), Events & Marketing Coordinator with Beatroute Magazine, and Promoter Rep & Production Manager with Live Nation, and This Is Blueprint.  

Fast forward to 2019: Stephanie Gerich is the Event Operations Manager with This Is Blueprint, and A&R Manager with Menzies Music Productions. 


Gerich continues to delve further into the music scene, while volunteering on multiple projects in Vancouver and throughout Western Canada.

Contact Stephanie at        Photo by: Kitt Woodland

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